Water, as useful as it is, may be harmful to your building when it is in excess. It costs quite a lot to repair damages caused by water. Water damage is very common among people living in houses in regions with high precipitation and humidity.

This sort of damage is not limited to houses with pipes bringing in water. It is more frequent in various areas where storm damage and other types of damage are likely to occur. This is where mold remediation services and water damage restoration services will be critical.

If you are living in an area that is not prone to large natural disasters, water damage wouldn’t be much of a big deal for you, you only have to be concerned with leaking or burst pipes. But it is still necessary to account for incidents where water damage may occur. This is because there are other issues like sewage cleanup, mold remediation, water damage restoration, and even fire damage restoration in the Santa Clara CA area that you must account for.

Remember that living in or around Santa Clara CA with heavy rainfall and high humidity makes your house prone to water damage. Further, it is necessary to have a water damage restoration company on speed dial in case of a water damage situation in your home.

You want to deal with mold remediation, sewage backups, and more as quickly as possible. If you are looking at minimizing your instances of having to deal with the drying process, upholstery cleaning, or restoration services in Santa Clara CA, follow these simple tips in this guide.

Ways to prevent and contain water damage in your home

Here are a few ways to prevent the need for water damage restoration services, sewage cleanup, and mold remediation in the Santa Clara CA area.

Detect and fix leaking pipes

Little drops of water they say make a mighty ocean. The droplets from a pipe that is loosened or not properly fixed can look insignificant but can cause great damage to a building structure. 

Ignoring leaks from pipes can be dangerous to your property. If leaks are not properly and quickly fixed, it makes your house prone to rot, mold, and even mildew. These substances appear and might be dangerous to your building structure if not professionally controlled. 

Remember that leaking pipes can cause water damage in homes. The damage caused by a leaking pipe is not sudden damage, it can be the result of the homeowner’s negligence and lack of maintenance of the property, hence it may not always be covered by the homeowner’s insurance policy.

Install Water Detection Devices in your Home

Water detection devices are needed at home and should be installed around the washing machine, dishwashers, water heater, and every other place at home that water is needed, or around channels through which water enters and leaves a building.

Water detection devices help to detect drops in moisture level or those leaks that can not be easily noticed. If properly installed, the device sounds an alarm to notify the homeowner or user when it comes in contact with moisture. This is a great gadget to have at home. 

If you show that you are responsible and have the right equipment within your home in the Bay area, this can help you to lower the premiums that the insurance company will charge. This is an added bonus that you can obtain with regard to the insurance company while obtaining peace of mind in the San Jose or Bay area.

Monitor the pressure of your water

The pressure of the water should be kept moderate at all times. If the pressure is too high, the pipes can collapse and if it’s too low, it might be difficult to get water everywhere in the house. A water gauge becomes an ideal gadget to own at home to help control water pressure. Usually, the pressure should be kept somewhere between 40-100 psi. When the pressure of the water getting to your home is more than 100 psi, there’s an urgent need to get a water pressure regulator.

Identify the Main Source of Your Water Supply 

Your water supply is controlled by the main switch that regulates the amount that goes into your house. It is from this main source that water is distributed to other pipes in your house.

That said, to get ahead of water damage to your home, it is important for you to be able to locate this main switch so that you can easily control the water in case of plumbing damage or if one of the pipes is broken.

Also, in case you’re leaving the house for an extended period of time and you wish to cover your bases in terms of safety, you can shut off the water supply through the main. If it happens that you don’t have one, it is important you have one installed as soon as possible. 

This helps you minimize the potential need for restoration services in the Bay Area or the general San Jose region.

Clear water channels regularly

Water damage does not only come in the form of burst pipes, it can also be caused by flooding. In order to prevent your home from flooding, you should clear your drainage and downspouts to avoid blockage to the flow of water. When the drainage is blocked, water flow is hindered, which can then cause water to flood the foundation and woodwork. It is therefore important you check for blocked drainages regularly so that they can be cleaned and water can flow freely away from the house. 

Avoid landscaping close to water pipes

Having a beautiful environment filled with well-tended trees and shrubs is a great thing but if it is done close to water pipes, it might spell doom for your house. In order to prevent your house from water damage due to busted pipes, ensure you monitor that your trees and shrubs don’t grow near the pipes. This is to deter the roots of the plants from wrapping around the pipes and causing damage to it.

This is a critical point as excess water, sewage backup, and further damage can take place in your Santa Clara home if you are not careful.

It is best to work with a firm that can provide quality service in the San Jose and San Francisco area today to deal with your structural damage or general cleanup process if an event does take place.

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