One Call Services aims to provide customers with the highest quality restoration services, including water damage, mold damage, sewage damage, and more. The job is complete only when the customer has a healthy indoor environment, and the damage has been restored and repaired. A fast response time and excellent customer service are core principles at One Call Services.

When it comes to water damage, the experts agree that the first 24 to 48 hours are critical. In the first few minutes, water can spread rapidly throughout a home or business, soaking whatever is in its way. Floors, walls, upholstery, and other items absorb the water upon contact. Furniture finishes can dissolve, permanently staining the carpet, which must be discarded. Books, magazines, photos, and artwork soak up the water, and they warp.

Within an hour or two and continuing for the first 24 hours, drywall begins to swell and degrade. If the water is not immediately extracted and the moisture removed, the damaged portions of the building material must be replaced. Metal parts and surfaces start tarnishing. Anything wooden, including furniture, begins to expand and crack. Cloth and paper goods bleed and stain whatever is nearby. A musty, mildew odor becomes detectable. The damages illustrate what happens almost immediately at a water damage disaster.

A rapid response prevents advanced secondary damage that can result from prolonged exposure to water and moisture. Beginning the water extraction process very quickly also reduces permanent damage to property. More items can be salvaged and restored. A quick response prevents the growth of toxic microbes, such as mold and bacteria. Ultimately, a fast response shortens the restoration process and saves the customer money.

The Water Removal Process

Water removal begins with water extraction. Pooling water is removed with powerful water extraction equipment that can pump thousands of gallons an hour out of an affected area, such as a basement. Industrial-grade wet vacuums then remove the remaining water from carpeting and flooring. Strong air movers and heavy-duty, high-efficiency dehumidifiers evaporate and remove the remaining moisture. Once the water and moisture are removed, the growth of microbes and bacteria is greatly reduced or inhibited. Carpet, if left untreated for moisture, can become toxic and must be removed and replaced with new materials.

Unsalvageable materials such as carpet, carpet padding, sheetrock, and insulation are removed from the structure. Completing the water removal process very quickly reduces the need for water damage repairs.


Monitoring Humidity During the Water Removal Process

The water removal process involves more than pumps, air movers, and dehumidifiers. The process also consists of the use of advanced moisture-detecting technology. The trained and certified professionals at One Call Services take moisture readings in all affected areas of the structure during the drying process. The purpose of these readings is to make sure that the water-damaged home or business is completely dry before beginning the repair of any water damage.

Addressing Hidden Moisture

Moisture is present in locations that escape the attention of the homeowner but not the technicians at One Call Services. They are trained to locate and mitigate hidden water damage. Monitoring and reducing moisture levels in wall cavities and behind cabinets guarantees that there is no lingering moisture to promote the growth of mold, which can cause serious health issues.

Avoiding Costly Delays

Sometimes property owners do not immediately discover a water damage disaster. Maybe they were away from home or business for several hours or a day or two on a trip or on vacation. Extended delays result in advanced secondary damage that lengthens the repair process and increases project costs. After a day or two and up to a week, the following damage can occur:

  • Mold and mildew grow, causing serious health issues.
  • Baseboards, windows, doors, wall studs, and wood flooring absorb water to the point that they swell and warp.
  • Metal begins to rust and corrode.
  • Paint blisters.

Extended delays can add days and significant expenses to a water damage restoration project in Fremont, CA. Deliberate delays by property owners may adversely affect an insurance company’s willingness to cover water damage restoration. Rapid response with immediate action is the best course to follow.


The success of water damage restoration is greatly affected by how quickly water removal starts. One Call Services takes great pride in dispatching a crew to the scene of a water damage disaster within an hour. Immediately upon arrival, the technicians begin the water damage restoration process. Time matters when dealing with water damage.For more information about water and sewage damage cleanup and restoration, along with mold mitigation, contact One Call Services by phone at (408) 549-8079 or by email at

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