What Causes Water Damage?

As important as it is to our lives, water can cause damages on so many levels. Water damage happens when water manages to creep into parts of a property where it is not meant to go. Such intrusion leads to mold and bacteria growth, swelling and rotting wood, rusting of property, among other disruptive processes.

Some of the most common causes of water damage include natural sources. These situations occur due to severe weather, such as floods, hurricanes, thunderstorms, and others. These natural disasters are not daily occurrences, but they sometimes cause water damage to property in the unlikely chance they happen.

Clogged roof gutters and blocked drains are other common causes of water damage. Occasionally roof gutters get clogged with many types of debris such as leaves, branches, etc. This debris cause blockages that do not allow water floor off the property, causing water damage in parts of the building. Likewise, if drains in the kitchen, bathrooms, and toilets are blocked, the resulting water buildup causes water damage.

Other common causes of water damage include leaky, broken, and loose fitted pipes, leaks from the washing machine, condensation from the air conditioning unit, malfunctioning sprinkler systems, and leaking water heaters.

Out of all these causes, the most frequent causes of water damage are broken pipes and overflow issues from faucets that were left open for too long. It is always best to address water damage as soon as you notice the problem; else, it could lead to more expensive property damage in your Los Gatos, CA property.

This matter will require the assistance of the insurance company in most cases. So we always make sure to work with your respective insurance firm before we move forward with water removal and water restoration on your property.

What causes fire and smoke damage?

Any physical damage that occurs in a property due to burning is called fire damage. Fire damage could result from flames that burn parts of a building; it could also be due to smoke and other acerbic substances that are sometimes emitted during fire outbreaks.

Common fire damage causes include grease fires often started while cooking in the kitchen. This is one of the most frequent causes of fires in residential buildings. Occasionally, fires are also started by people who forgot to turn off the heat source after cooking.

Open flames are another frequent cause of fire damage in buildings. This is mostly from burning candles not adequately placed.

Electrical malfunction is also an occasional source of fire damage in residential and business properties. Once in a while, a power strip could be overloaded or wires and circuits connected improperly. Faulty light fixtures are also capable of starting electrical fires. These fires are rare and often prevented by conducting regular maintenance checkups on buildings.

Lastly, a few other heat sources can cause fire damage, especially space heaters, which can start fires if placed too close to certain materials such as fabrics or flammable items.

Fires do not happen without smoke, so you’re also likely to find smoke damage wherever there is fire damage. Smoke damage may not physically destroy a room the way fires do, but they are also capable of causing great structural harm. Smoke damage is caused by a combination of smoke and soot, leaving nasty marks and lingering smells in a building.

This can lead to water damage and necessitate carpet cleaning and other services from a water damage restoration company. The right team will be thorough and go through the crawl space in your residence in Los Gatos or near the San Jose area.

Our team will strive to do a great job on your property, whether a rental house or your primary residence in the Los Gatos, CA area.


Water Damage

The technicians at One Call Services are experts in water damage restoration. Sitting water can lead to mold and structural damage, and untreated water damage can lead to toxic conditions. We are open 24/7 to remedy any water and flooding emergencies. Call One Call Services for water damage repair in Los Gatos.

Fire & Smoke Damage

Fires are spontaneous disasters and can occur at a moment’s notice. You need to act quickly to make sure your family is safe. Once the flames have settled, you will need fire damage restoration to your home or office. Fires can fast run through a building’s wooden structure, and smoke can damage unseen parts of your building. Call us for emergency fire and smoke restoration services if the fire has put you in a tight situation.

Mold Remediation

Untreated or even recent water damage can lead to mold in and around your home or building. Mold poses a chemical threat to you and your loved ones, and you should not tackle mold removal yourself. The mold remediation experts at One Call Services will come out to your property in Los Gatos, assess the damages, and tell you exactly what kind of mold damage you’re facing. 24 hours, 7 days a week, give One Call Services a call at any time of day, and our certified mold removal technicians will be at your location and ready to bring your property back to life.

Residential Restoration Services

When your home requires repair, you need to get your family somewhere safe. When disaster strikes, call One Call Services. Our team will travel to your home in Los Gatos and assess the damages. Be it water damage, fire & smoke, or mold damage, the pros as One Call Services can restore your home to its former glory (or even above and beyond)!

Commercial Property Restoration

Commercial property can be expansive and difficult to maintain. If a fire, leak, or other disaster strikes your place of business, call us to repair the damages. One Call Services offers commercial restoration services in Los Gatos. Fire, water, and mold pose a significant threat to your business and customers, so call us as soon as you can when you’ve got property damage.

What is the Value of Residential Restoration Services?

Residential restoration services are needed in major disasters such as fire outbreaks, mold infestations, water damage, etc. Every property owner needs to stay informed about these services because the types mentioned above of damages always require immediate attention to stop them from causing more significant damage.

It’s impossible to overstate the value of residential restoration services. Residential restoration experts are trained to respond quickly to emergencies. Hiring an experienced team to handle your restoration services would cost less in the long run than what you’ll spend doing it yourself.

Furthermore, as professionals, residential restoration services work fast, giving you a chance to move back into your home in no time. While working in your residence, these professionals can handle essential belongings and documents in a way that best prevents further damage.

These experts have the right tools that make restoration services more efficient, and with these tools, they can often detect hidden damage that may not have been noticeable to you.

In case of an emergency water damage incident, fire or smoke damage, or mold outbreak in your home, you’re better off working with a residential restoration service. These services can quickly assess the extent of the damage to your home and draw up a plan to restore your home to its original state.

If you require water removal services, notice a mold problem due to excessive water issues from your sump pump or another cause, reach out to our team for a prompt response. Our team at One Call Services will answer a few questions and get straight to work taking your job on as the highest priority.

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