Storm damage can lead to property damage for homeowners and commercial property owners. They can also lead to injuries and disruption of businesses. What you need to do is to prevent the damage since you can’t control the weather. It will be helpful to know when there is a possibility of the storm being severe.

Preventing storm damage will help you avoid costs associated with damage to properties and accidents. Some of the storm damages include;

Winter Storm Damage

The winter storms include high winds which can worsen the damage. You should be aware that winter storms and cold weather can create ice dams that trap water between your roof. These should be taken into consideration because they can produce leaks that can cause mold growth and damage the structure of your property. Winter storms can also severely damage utility wire lines.

Lighting And Thunderstorms Damage

Lightning storms can lead to fire and structural damage. Make sure that you stay indoors until the storm passes unless you see any signs of fire. Thunderstorms are also risky. Strong gusts, hail, and severe flash flooding are also possible.

Hail Damage

To prevent hail damage, repair any cracks in the shingles and any damage to the siding. The hail damage is not always obvious. Seek professional help if you suspect hail damage.

Storm-Related Flood Damage Tidal Surges

Floods pose serious risks to your home or your commercial property. They can lead to death. They can also lead to structural damage, mold growth, and other dangerous contamination on your walls. Some places experience even tidal surges like the coastal regions and in that case, they are forced to evacuate. 

How You Can Prevent Storm Damage

It is wise to know various ways you can prevent storm damage to avoid or minimize the destruction of structures or properties. You can even avoid dealing with an insurance claim if you deploy the tips. They include:

Trim Your Trees

Storm damage can initiate accidents by breaking the dead branches from your trees. The falling of trees can damage your property or the one belonging to one of your neighbors. Some of these properties can be a house or a vehicle.

The dead branches can also cause accidents that affect you or other people. They can also fall on the power lines leading to power outage. Hire a tree professional to trim the trees and also check the stability of other trees to minimize the risk of tree branch falls.

Inspect Your Roof Regularly

You should make sure that you inspect your roof every year or two to prevent indoor storm damage. When you check your roof regularly, you will avoid more expenses of repairing the damaged roof and the house’s interior.

Inspect The Drainage systems And Gutters

To avoid the accumulation of dirt and water, gutters and drainage systems should always be clean. Any dirt and standing water will get into your property during the storm and cause floods. The floods will then damage your valuable properties. To avoid this, make sure that you hire a professional to clean the gutters and the drainage system when needed.

Inspect Your Property

Walk around your property to make sure that you identify any place that needs to be repaired. Repair every broken and weak part of your house or your commercial property. This way, you will reduce the risk of storm damage.

Look For An Insurance Policy

If you have one, check if it’s current and adequate. Check what it covers and also check the level. Ensure it covers events like; stormwater roof, water runoff, flash floods, landslides, and any damage to the properties caused by falling trees. It will help in reducing the cost of restoring your property in case of any damage.

Ensure Proper Sealing Of Doors And Windows

A small gap in your house or commercial property can allow wind to enter during the storm. The wind gusts or speed can be severe, and it can cause significant damage to the roof or even the entire property. If you notice a small gap in your doors or windows and the entire room, ensure that you seal it or hire a professional for the job.

Ensure That Water Can Flow Away From Your Home

Ensure that water can quickly drain away from your home or commercial property. Any standing water will enter your house and cause flooding. If you are not able to control the flowing, hire a professional.

Have A generator On Hand

Storms can lead to damage to the power lines, which can lead to power outages. Dead branches from your trees can fall on the power lines as well. It’s essential to have a generator to restore the power in case the problem occurs.

Protect Your People

This is an essential thing that you should consider. Remember that you can easily replace damaged property but can’t replace your loved ones. Ensure that you keep your family in a safe location. If possible, you can consider moving to a different location if the risk is huge. You should have a first aid kit in case of an accident caused by the storm.

Secure Items That Could Blow Around In Strong Winds

Intense storms can blow your items, such as furniture, despite their weight. To avoid losing your items, make sure that you store them in a safe place. The wind can also damage the windows and doors of your car.

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