Water damage is an unfortunate but common occurrence in Oakland, CA. Oakland residents know the feeling of coming home from a long day at work to find their home’s dry walls soaked and damaged by leaky roofs or windows.

Taking simple precautions like inspecting the roof for leaks can help avert costly problems like structural repairs down the road. Here is what you need to check on before calling restoration companies:

Top 5 Causes of Water Damage

Why is water entering your home? Let’s look at some of the leading causes of water damage in Oakland CA.

Plumbing issues

If your water pipes are old and worn out, they may need replacing altogether. A plumbing problem is by far the most common cause of water damage. Excess water can leak due to loose faucets, worn-out pipes, and leaky joints.

A common cause of plumbing damage is when pipes are not adequately sealed. The piping may be the wrong size, undersized, or installed crookedly. Plumbing issues usually result in water damage because the piping in a building has been installed incorrectly or not maintained well over time.

Water pipes leakages

Water lines can easily leak into your walls and ceilings when they become corroded or cracked. Water lines can become corroded or cracked when exposed to extreme temperatures, humidity, and pressure. Most homes in Oakland or San Jose rely on copper pipes, which age rapidly as they age. Corroded galvanized steel pipelines can also lead to flood damage.

Sewage blockage

Sewage blockages are the most common cause of water damage to a building system. This occurs when a blockage in the drainage system prevents waste from being removed from your building. The waste is then backed into the building, causing flooding and structural damage. This can be caused by tree roots or foreign objects such as toys or trash flushed down the toilet and stuck in the pipes.

In older buildings, corrosion can cause sewer backups or overflows. Galvanized pipes are not usually found in newer homes but many older ones.

Sewage cleanup must be dealt with immediately by certified professionals. The water restoration process is essential to prevent mold growth and further damage to the structure.

Moldy Basements

When the foundation of your house is made of wood and concrete, it’s easy for water damage to occur through cracks in the foundation. Mold is the most common reason for water damage in a home. It grows when there is warm, humid air and water source.

If you see mold growth in your basement, with a musty smell or black spots on the walls and personal belongings, you will want to seek immediate assistance. Common sources of moldy water are leaky sinks or toilets, leaky pipes, and cracked concrete floors.

Water damage restoration services can help you identify whether you have a problem with mold removal, basement flooding, or a leak and ensure that air quality is improved. Water damage repair will also help remove all traces of the mold both from your home and your health and prevent additional mold growth. Cracked concrete

When concrete cracks, it creates pathways for moisture to travel through the soil and into your basement walls. When cracks do appear, however, they can cause significant amounts of water damage to any part of your home that’s located beneath the basement. This is simple: when concrete cracks, it creates pathways for moisture to travel through the soil and into your basement walls.

Affected walls and ceilings. If left untreated, this moisture will cause mold growth. Repairing the problem can require the removal of the affected walls and ceiling entirely. The most efficient way to avoid this sort of disaster is by knowing what causes cracking in concrete in the first place and creating a restoration plan for your home.

How to reduce water damage in Oakland, CA

Water damage can cause a great deal of damage to a home, but there are several ways to protect your home from weather elements. Water damage is one of the most common causes of water damage in San Francisco.

  • Ensure your rain gutters and downspouts are working properly so that water doesn’t have an opportunity to seep into your walls, flooring, and foundation.
  • Install a sewer backup valve on your plumbing system. This will prevent sewage leaks or other hazardous materials from entering your drinking water supply.
  • Ask your insurance company about home warranties and how you will be covered on emergency services; this could reduce the cost of your insurance premiums over time and give you access to better customer service in emergencies or natural disasters. An insurance adjuster will help you submit your bill to the insurance company for payment.
  • Inspect for cracks in your floors and walls, especially if you’ve lived in your home for years. The wear and tear on older buildings can cause significant damage from water intrusion if it isn’t repaired before it becomes severe enough to cause rot or decay.

Residential water damage restoration services in Oakland, CA

Water damage in Oakland is a major problem, whether it’s a flooded basement or a leaky roof. Whether you’ve got a flooded basement or leaky roof, you’ll need professional help from a residential water damage restoration professional in Oakland for water removal.

As a top water damage restoration company in the Oakland area, we know that the most crucial factor when choosing a company is whether they are certified by IICRC. Certified technicians are trained to conduct initial inspections and restore your property to its pre-loss condition. Our water remediation services can prevent secondary problems, such as mold growth, that usually develops due to improperly drying out a building.

If you need water damage restoration in Oakland or anywhere else in California, we’re here to help 24 hours a day, all week. For fast response and expert drying process, please call One call services today at (408)716-2379 for free estimates.

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