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Water damage is one of the most types of property damage in Santa Clara, CA. There are various ways through which excess water can enter your residential or commercial property. Weather conditions such as humidity, heavy rain, and flooding cause water damage. Additionally, other factors such as leaks, burst pipes, and sewage backups result in water damage. Albeit the source, excess water spreads quickly to cause mold growth and structural damage. Therefore, it must be removed immediately to help limit the damage extent.

One Call Services provides water damage restoration services to residents and businesses in San Jose, San Francisco, San Mateo, and Santa Clara, CA. Our licensed, trained, and experienced technicians will arrive quickly at your property or business and extract all water from the affected area. After, we dry and dehumidify the flooded area and perform any required water damage repairs to restore your property to its initial condition completely.

What flood safety tips can you use to protect your property from water damage?

One of the most efficient flood safety tips for dealing with a flood hazard is hiring professional water damage restoration contractors in Santa Clara, CA. Not only does this save you time, but also money and the headache from unnecessary potential water damage. At One Call Water Damage Restoration Services, we can help repair and restore your entire house to its initial condition. Whether you are in San Jose, CA, or any other city in California, contact us at 408-716-2379. Let our licensed and insured technicians assess the situation before the water damage restoration process begins.

What risks does a flood hazard pose?

The initial damage caused by flooding should not be your primary concern. Standing floodwater contains chemical hazards, can spread infectious diseases, and cause injuries. Every year, floods cause more deaths than any other risk or threat related to thunderstorms. Most flood deaths occur when a car or truck is driven into hazardous floodwaters.

Does flood insurance cover water damage??

In case of a flood, your National Flood Insurance Program policy covers the direct physical losses to your property and possessions. Purchasing flood insurance helps protect your valuable items. Your NFIP covers:

·Plumbing and electricity

·House appliances

· Permanently installed carpet, cabinets, and paneling

·Window blinds, foundation walls, staircases, and anchorage systems

·  Detached garages

· Fuel tanks, solar energy equipment, and well water tanks and pumps Nonetheless, when determining what the insurance company covers, the cause of flooding matters. Flood insurance policies cover losses caused directly caused by flooding. For example, water damage caused by a sewage backup is covered if the sewage backup is directly caused by flooding.

How can I waterproof my home in a flood zone?

Water damage is among the most common and expensive homeowners’ claims. As an all-year-round risk, it can cause structural damage to your property or business. Snowfall and cold temperatures can form ice dams on your roof, leading to water damage in your home’s structural foundation. Fortunately, there are tips for homeowners to protect their property from water damage in Santa Clara, San Jose, San Francisco, or any other city in California.

· Disconnect hoses. Standing water in a hose freezes back into the pipe, creating an ice block. This stops water flow in your home. It may also lead to burst pipes, thereby creating damage to your walls, floor, and foundation.

· Clean gutters and downspouts. Standing water can damage your gutters. Cleaning them at least twice a year can help prevent blockage and the formation of ice dams. Clean the downspouts as well to ensure that water will flow through. Secure them so that they point away from your property or business.

· Maintain trees and vegetation. Thriving vegetation can be appealing. However, their roots wrap around your pipes and can break them. Hence, it is crucial to minimize landscaping near utility pipes. If necessary, remove trees and vegetation that are too big.

· Maintain appliances. House appliances are the most common causes of water damage inside your property. Check and maintain all your appliances regularly for leaks. Also, do not leave them running when going to bed.

· Inspect and fix leaks immediately. If you detect a leak in your property or business, inspect it immediately. If you choose to ignore moisture damage or postpone making necessary repairs get ready to experience mold growth, mildew, dry rot, or severe structural damage to your property or business. Moreover, when you ignore standing water, you are exposed to flood risk. Watch out for damp spots on the floor, mildew smells, or the sound of dripping water.

·  Monitor your water bill. Sometimes, the only way to detect leaking water is by closely looking at your water bill. If your usage jumps suggestively, it signifies a water leak in your crawl space or a pipe in your front yard. Do not leave mystery leaks unattended. Contact the water damage restoration experts at One Call Services to handle the issue.

·Inspect your roof. Check for any signs of water leaking through the roof. Look for tea-colored stains on plaster or damp spots on joists. When outside your house, inspect the roof for signs of visible damage.

Embracing these techniques can help you protect yourself and other residents against any water loss and water damage claims.  However, if the situation becomes worse or you detect the water leaks relatively late, fret not. Our restoration contractors in Santa Clara, CA, can fix the water damage and restore your home to its original condition. Contact us if you need water leak detection services in Santa Clara, San Mateo, San Francisco, San Jose, and any city in California and get a free estimate.

How do you reduce water damage?

A small amount of water can cause substantial damage to your property. When water finds its way into your home through the basement floor, leaking pipe, roof, or an old water heater, the aftermath is often extensive water damage and mold growth. Therefore, knowing how to detect trouble areas to prevent water and further damage to your property is critical.

Homeowners’ insurance covers most losses, but it does not cover all of them. Furthermore, most of the time, these issues require professional and reliable water damage restoration services. An ideal solution, however, is to prevent water damage from happening initially.

So, how do you reduce water damage?

· Washing machine hoses. Incoming washing machine hoses cause flood water damage in your house. To reduce or prevent further washing machine damage, turn the hose valves on as you start and off when you finish washing clothes.

· Prevent water damage from toilet leaks. A leaky toilet can waste a lot of water. Thus, you should test for leaks in your toilet by placing food coloring in the tank. After a few minutes, check if the color appears in the bowl. If so, you have a leak.

Repair your toilet leaks by contacting the professional water damage restoration contractors at One Call Services in Santa Clara, CA.

·   Prevent frozen pipes and pipe bursts. Pipes in the attic, outside walls, and in the crawl space are susceptible to freezing and bursting in cold temperatures. Therefore, you should enlist the plumbing services of an expert in Santa Clara, have them assess the situation, and fix the necessary plumbing issues in your home or business.

·  Turn of the water supply valve. When going on vacation or a trip, ensure you turn all the supply valves on and off when necessary.

· Install water detection services. Water detectors are small electronic devices that sound an alarm when their sensors contact moisture. They detect low moisture levels or slow leaks that are often hidden. To prevent extensive damage and mold growth, install a water detection service near sump pumps, toilets, washing machines, water heaters, and dishwashers. Water leak detection services shut off the water supply to your home in case of a leak. They are vital if you leave your home for an extended period.

· Check your water pressure. If your home’s water pressure is too high, hoses and pipes may fail under pressure. Purchase a water pressure gauge and attach it to an outside faucet. Turn the faucet to full force. The gauge gives you an accurate reading of your home’s water pressure.

· Install water pipes in unheated areas like the garage, attic, and under bathroom and kitchen cabinets. Wrap them in insulating materials like fiberglass sleeves or foam rubber.

· Allow warm air to circulate your plumbing system when outside temperatures drop. Open bathroom and kitchen cabinet doors. Moved the stored products and keep them out of the reach of pets and children. Enlisting the help of our water damage restoration contractors in Santa Clara, CA, can help you reduce water damage in your house and make the necessary repairs. Visit our website to schedule a free consultation or contact us at 408-716-2379 to get a free estimate.

How do you prevent water damage from leaks?

If your home or business in Santa Clara, CA, has sustained water damage from a leak, sewage backup, or flooding, contact One Call Services immediately through our different platforms or call us any time of day or night at 408-716-2379 for water damage restoration services. Our professional water damage restoration technicians will respond quickly to water damage emergencies in the Santa Clara area and any city in California to repair and restore the damage before it causes mold growth.

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