The damage and destruction caused by fires in Santa Clara, CA, can be devastating to businesses and homeowners. Unfortunately, nobody is truly prepared for fire damage or the restoration costs.

When a fire breaks out on your property, you should embark on restoration work immediately after the firefighters put off the flame. However, the fire restoration and recovery process can be emotionally and physically draining for people trying to handle the job themselves.

Hiring a fire damage restoration contractor like One Call Services can give you peace of mind and eliminate all the lingering odors on your property. Here are five helpful fire damage restoration tips to help you decide whether to do the job yourself or pay for professional restoration services.

Handy Fire Damage Restoration Tips

According to the National Fire Protection Association, Fire Departments in the US typically respond to fire incidents every 24 seconds. In California, Cal Fire revealed that over 3500 commercial and residential structures were destroyed by fire in 2021. Unfortunately, many aren’t prepared for the fire damage repairs, although it’s covered in the homeowners’ insurance.

Here are helpful fire and smoke damage restoration tips to help you recover from the aftermath of this devastating loss.

1. Contact your Insurance Company

Before you start planning for fire damage restoration, you need to call your insurance agent to discuss the details of your cover. Make sure you confirm any inclusions in your insurance policy to ensure you don’t miss or overlook anything, including temporary accommodation assistance or living allowance.

You’ll also need to discuss the claims process and how you can speed things up as fire restoration needs to start as soon as possible. More importantly, you should inform your insurance agent about your immediate fire restoration plans and wait for the company’s go-ahead.

2. Get a Fire Report

The fire department will give you a fire report with all the necessary details about the incident. That includes basic information like time, date, location, source of the fire, and an account of the fire damage.

The fire report is crucial when filing an insurance claim to help you cover the fire damage restoration cost. These reports are public documents, so requesting a copy shouldn’t be an issue.

3. Record all Damaged Items

Homeowners insurance in Santa Clara, CA, usually covers damaged content. That means your insurance policy might cover the replacement costs of property destroyed in the fire. Your insurance company will ask for an inventory of the properties damaged in the fire.

To ensure you’re compensated for everything, document your losses by creating a register of your personal property. The fire damage restoration experts at One Call Services also recommend taking photographs of the damaged items for proof.

If you lose important documents like deeds, birth certificates, passports, and driver’s licenses in a fire incident, you need to replace them immediately. Some of these documents are essential for the insurance claim, so ask your agent for the required paperwork so you can start by replacing them.

4. Start the Fire Damage Restoration Process

Fire and smoke can continue endangering your life and cause further damage to your property even after the flames have been put off. Weakened structures can collapse, and damaged pipes might burst, resulting in water damage. You also risk inhaling toxic chemicals from the lingering smoke and soot, causing different respiratory issues.

Before starting the restoration process, assess the structural damage and ensure the house is safe to enter. However, hiring restoration contractors for the job is the safer option as they have experience handling similar projects and can access the right equipment for the job.

5. Get Fire Damage Restoration Services

The fire restoration process usually takes several steps, so hiring a fire damage contractor to help you with the remediation process is essential. The fire damage restoration company will help you with various tasks, including:

Fire Cleanup

House fire often leaves your home or business looking dark, scorched, and stained by smoke and soot. The fire damage restoration team normally starts with the cleanup process with soot removal and scrubbing off the dust and smoke stuck on your surfaces.

Water Damage Restoration

After soot and smoke odors removal, water restoration is the next phase. The restoration crew will remove any pools of standing water using submersible pumps before drying and sanitizing these areas. Sanitization is crucial as it helps control mildew and mold growth from the water used in quelling the flames.

Floor Repair & Carpet Replacement

Your floors and carpets will absorb much of the water that firefighters will use to put out the fire. That results in water damage, and this must be addressed by lifting the floors and drying them or replacing them if the damage is extensive.

Wall Damage Repair

Fires damage can result in soot stains and holes in the wall. The soot and smoke damage will be easy for a fire restoration company to repair, but burnt walls can be expensive. Fortunately, One Call Services’ fire damage restoration experts will give you the insight you need to get the job done.

Debris Removal

After finishing the fire restoration process, debris removal is the last step you need to take to return your property to its pre-loss condition. Removing the debris s is also essential for odor removal, which improves indoor air quality and helps you avoid respiratory issues.

Do I Need a Fire Damage Restoration Company?

While doing fire remediation by yourself can save you some money, it might prove costly down the line. Here are a few reasons why smart homeowners choose a professional fire restoration service:

  • Avoid exposure to safety and health hazards
  • Access to special equipment required in the restoration process
  • Swift restoration process after property damage
  • Avoid mistakenly throwing out salvageable goods

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