The Average Cost Of Water Damage Restoration

You might wonder, when does hurricane season end in San Jose CA. The reason why you want to realize when hurricane season ends is that you understand that the average cost of water damage can run up and become quite high.

Remember that hurricane season will start on June 1st regularly and end on November 30th. You generally do not have to worry about hurricane season in San Jose CA, because of the wind direction and the cold water in the Pacific. Hurricanes require warm water to form and to keep them moving. The east coast and the islands near the United States on the Atlantic side will have a wide variety of issues related to hurricanes because they have warm water.

You will also hear about hurricanes near Florida due to this reason. While these issues are not a significant concern in San Jose California, it is still necessary to be aware of the average cost of water damage and material costs in San Jose CA.

Indeed, water and fire disasters are the top two unfortunate events that can happen to any property owner. The physical, emotional, and financial impact water damage causes cannot be overestimated.

Aside from the immense emotional trauma, grieving, and trying to ravage the remaining valuables from the mess in San Jose CA, the financial aftermath of restoring the damaged area to normal is stressful. Water damage restoration is the rehabilitation of a water-damaged area into its normal old self.

If you are looking for help in San Jose CA and want to know more about material costs, the effects of standing water, and flood water damage restoration services, give us a call today at One Call Services Water Damage Experts. We provide water damage restoration services and are transparent when it comes to water damage restoration costs and our water extraction methods and services in San Jose CA.

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Material Costs and More Go Into the Average Costs for Local Homeowners in San Jose CA

Several factors determine the cost of a water damage restoration service in San Jose CA and they include the aspects present below.

Area Of Land

The bigger the affected area of land, the more expensive the cost is. Water restoration services calculate the cost per square foot. The cost for a 50 sq ft. damage ranges from $180-$400, while a 500 sq ft. has an average cost of around $1800-$4000.

For remediation companies, it takes a longer time, use of the equipment, and more energy to clean a 500 sq ft. waterlogged area than to clean a 40 sq ft., hence the pricing system.

The Color Of The Water

The type of color the water presents also adds to the bill of the overall services; this is because the color explains the type and length of damage.

White or clear water attracts little to no extra charges because it shows that the damage may be recent and it may be from damaged water pipes or due to factors related to the rain. According to the NFS (National Flood Services), restoration services should charge $3.75 per square foot.

Gray or cloudy water contains some traces of bacteria and needs extra effort to clean. It may be from damaged washing machine pipes, dishwashing, or the bathroom. It cost $4-$4.5 per square foot.

Black or dark water contains a very high concentration of bacteria and is very stressful to get rid of. They cost double the amount required to clean the clear water per square foot and are often from sewage and drainage leakages.

Area of damage

As noted above, the cost of damage differs depending on the area affected. The general costs will vary based on the amount of work that the flood damage restoration services provider must conduct to ensure that everything returns back to normal.


The national average cost for restoring a damaged floor ranges from $200-$500 or more. It will always depend on the level of standing water, how significantly the floors are damaged in San Jose CA, and the type of flooring in San Jose CA.

There can be a price change depending on the type of floor; carpet floor costs a lot more than other types of flooring. The price is because carpet floor and some other types of flooring absorb water quickly while hardwood floor can withstand liquid and has a better water-permeability. After extracting the water, the carpet cleaning cost is $1 per square foot.


Ceilings can cost more than flooring, and their national average cost ranges from $300-$1200. It will depend on the extent of the water damage in San Jose CA.

If there is pipe damage in the ceiling, the extent of damage can be reformed by a handy person that may charge within $60-$90 or may require the full services of a restoration company.

Drywalls and Sheet Rocks

The cost of restoring drywall ranges from $300 to $800 or sometimes charged $1.50 per square foot for installation.

Drywall are popular household finishing material found in almost every area of the house, but most especially in the bathroom. They are strong cardboard that cannot withstand water and need immediate replacement if they are ever wet. They are also home to mold growth because they provide a conducive environment for mold spores.


The average cost of cleaning and pumping out water from the basement ranges from $500-$80,000. Basement restoration costs more than any other form of water restoration because they require more use of the equipment and more effort. The dirtier the basement water, such as water buildup caused by river flood or damaged sewage in San Jose CA, the higher the cost.

We understand that water extraction, mold removal, and project cost matters to you in the San Jose CA area and will ensure to be upfront and transparent in these matters. We understand that a water damage restoration company must provide the most efficient and effective water damage.

Presence of Mold growth

The cost of mold remediation ranges from $300-$2500 for certain square footage. The pricing system depends on the concentration of growth and the type of mold.

Mold microspores are found almost everywhere and only require the right amount of moisture content to grow sporadically. They are very hard to get rid of alone as their microscopic spores regenerate easily. Only the service of a water damage restoration company can properly get rid of them.

Additional services During Water Cleanup

Do you require additional services like remodeling, fixtures, and painting, aside from the main restoration service? If yes, then the cost is bound to be higher than usual.

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The aforementioned prices show the average charged cost and not the exact figures; the pricing system of a place, state, or county differs entirely from another.

The national average cost of water damage restoration ranges from $2,000-$2,500. The average cost range is $1,000-$3,500, while the high-end cost is $4,500. If you are looking for a free estimate because you notice excess moisture and want to preserve your personal belongings or have a flooded basement, reach out to us today.

We are here to ensure that your house does not provide a breeding ground for potential mold growth bringing about more health issues in the San Jose CA area. From clogged drains to storm damage in San Jose, we are here to restore water damage with our water damage repair services.

Whether you have hardwood floors or face structural damage, our service professionals at One Call Services Water Damage Experts can fix water damage, help with water damage repairs,

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