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One Call Services aims to provide customers with the highest quality restoration services, including water damage, mold damage, sewage damage, and more. The job is complete only when the customer has a healthy indoor environment and the damage has been restored and repaired.

As water damage restoration professionals, the technicians at One Call Services know that a water damage incident involving sewage is dangerous for the home or business owner. When polluted water combines with a typical water damage incident caused by an appliance such as a washing machine supply line or a dishwasher supply line, the consequences are toxic. The best and safest way to deal with water damage involving sewage contamination is to call in professionals. This solution avoids the possible health risks that might arise from exposure to contaminated floodwater.

Water damage carries inherent risks depending on what is mixed with the water, and risks increase as the contamination levels rise. The following descriptions outline the different types of water categories that a homeowner may face when there is water damage.


Category One Water Damage

A category one situation poses no harm or threat to life because “clean water” is involved. The water is uncontaminated. Typical causes of category one incidents include overflowing bathtubs or appliance malfunctions such as burst water supply lines to a washer or ice maker. Even though water damage involving “clean water” is not toxic, immediate water damage restoration is needed to prevent further damage to flooring, carpeting, baseboards, and furniture. Delaying the restoration process by only a day or two can elevate the severity of the incident to a category two situation due to mold and bacteria growth in standing water, carpeting, upholstery, and rugs. The damaged location must be thoroughly dried and restored no matter what category of water was involved.

Category Two Water Damage

Category two water is known as “gray water.” Chemical, biological, and physical contaminants, which create the gray color, cause this water to be classified as category two water.

This category is basically water that has been combined with other chemicals. The water contains either biological or physical contamination. Once a flooded area has been confirmed as having “gray water,” immediate and thorough drying and decontamination must be carried out to make the area safe for humans and pets.

Common causes of the more serious category two water damage incidents are broken washing machines, overflowing toilets (with little or no urine or feces), kitchen sink leaks, and shower and tub leaks that contain soapy water. Like category one incidents, category two incidents need immediate and thorough clean up so that the situation does not elevate to a category three situation, which is a dangerous high-risk event.

Category Three Water Damage

Known as “black water,” category three water damage is the most dangerous category of all. Exposure to category three water could be fatal in some cases. Simple skin exposure can result in allergic reactions or physical illness. Exposure to eyes, mouth, or other membranes could lead to serious health issues.

Sources that could cause category three water damage are sewage spills, floodwaters from localized heavy thunderstorms, and rising water from rivers or streams. Clean up of category three water damage requires special techniques, equipment, and protective gear to safeguard the technicians from contamination. Category three water damage often involves sewage spills from broken pipes, sewer line backups, or toilet overflows.

All water damage incidents need immediate attention. In just a few hours, advanced secondary water damage can occur to the flooring, baseboards, sheetrock, carpeting, furniture, and upholstery. A category one water damage incident could escalate into a category three incident if sewage became mingled with the category one water. In any case, immediately contacting water, sewage, fire, flood, and mold damage specialists is the best first step to restoring a property damaged by water, fire, or flood.

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